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Location and Job Title:

Art Specialist
Surprise Lake Camp
520 8 Ave, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Principal Responsibilities:

Minimum of 21 years of age.

Minimum Qualifications:


  1. The Art Specialist is directly responsible to the Specialist Coordinator.
  2. Instruct campers ranging from 7-12 years of age.
  3. Create program outlines for campers with a wide range of ability levels.
  4. Work with Specialist Coordinator to create an order for supplies necessary for the planned projects.
  5. Keep inventory of supplies and keep them organized, requesting new supplies when needed.
  6. Be prepared to present a program "pitch" to campers as a means of introduction and to encourage them to attend Art Specialty or Choice.
  7. Be available to counselors and supervisors that might have a need for art supplies, advice, or help with projects.
  8. Be prepared to lead campers in projects that focus on communication, bonding, and expression of feelings.
  9. Encourage respect and care for the tools that the campers use and instruct them in cleaning the lodge at the end of each session.
  10. Cultivate a calm (or focused) atmosphere of love and respect during each session.
  11. Many campers will talk about issues that are important to them while they create. This is an opportunity for staff to encourage and motivate them.
  12. Look for opportunities to encourage the staff and campers to take initiative with their own artistic projects throughout each session.
  13. Serve as a role model and provide support to campers when needed.
  14. Fully participate in general staff orientation and all staff meetings.
  15. Be willing to request help, advice, and feedback from peers and/or supervisors.
  16. Be responsible for knowing and adhering to camp policies, procedures, safety, and emergency policies.
  17. Report all suspicions of child abuse, bullying, or rule-breaking to proper authorities
  18. Report injuries or behavioral issue to the supervisor
  19. Complete all written evaluations at end of each session
  20. Attend all staff meetings
  21. Serve in shmira (OD) rotation
  22. Help prepare camp for opening at beginning of summer and final clean up at end of summer
  23. Be consistent. Remember that you, too, are worthy of rest and renewal. Take care of yourself.

Agency Information:

Since 1902, Surprise Lake Camp has provided a haven for children in the beautiful mountains of Cold Spring, NY. What makes SLC the best is the beauty of the site, the richness of the people and the program, the sense of history and tradition, and the magic we create when the whole thing comes together. We are particularly proud of our open, inclusive community that is sensitive to the needs of interfaith and diverse families.