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Early Childhood Classroom Teachers
Asheville JCC
236 Charlotte St
Asheville, NC 28801

Principal Responsibilities:

A teacher is responsible for assisting the lead teacher in implementing an engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experience for the children in his or her care.The teacher works closely with the lead teacher to create a nurturing support system, aimed at providing each child with the highest level of care and the greatest opportunity for physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.The teacher will step in for the lead teacher whenever the lead teacher is not present with the class.

Principal Responsibilities:

 Help to execute developmentally appropriate learning experiences, classroom activities, and practices that promote the ideals and goals expressed in the Shalom Children's Center philosophy and mission
 Help to ensure that classroom activities are tailored to developmental continuum of children
 Foster strong classroom community by helping children develop empathy and conflict resolution skills

Management of the Learning Environment
 Help to maintain the classroom space to provide safe and engaging learning opportunities that encourage children's participation
 Provide constant supervision of the children, and take care of their welfare, health and safety, spending a minimum of 7 hours per day with the children
 Maintain compliance with all current North Carolina and DCD guidelines within the classroom and outdoors
 Engage in positive, developmentally appropriate interactions with children while setting appropriate limits, providing active listening, problem solving and positive redirection

Planning and Assessment
 Implement classroom schedules and lesson plans as directed by the lead teacher
 Assist in documentation of individual children's progress
 Develop relationships with and serve as main point of contact for parents and guardians, providing timely information regarding their children's progress and activities, as well as directing them to appropriate resources as needed

Professional Growth & Responsibility
 Participate in JCC all staff meetings, Shalom faculty meetings, and supervisions with ECE Director.
 Attend any required in-service trainings on an annual basis. All teachers are required to participate in 20 Professional Development Hours per school year.

All JCC Employees are expected to demonstrate:
 Initiative: Work independently, efficiently and effectively; look for opportunities to take on more responsibility, seek areas of improvement and exhibit appropriate leadership qualities
 Creativity: Think of new ways to improve and streamline workflow
 Ownership/Commitment: Take pride in work; accept responsibility for the final outcome; take an active role in maintaining a clean work environment; and look for professional growth opportunities
 Reliability: Follow through on projects and responsibilities; good organization and time-management skills; prioritize duties without sacrificing quality
 Professional Demeanor: A positive worker and team member; act as a role model; strive to achieve excellence; respect personal and professional boundaries; help to create a positive work environment; deal with conflicts in a respectful and professional manner
 Adaptability/Flexibility: Not locked into one way of doing things; eager to learn and apply new techniques; approach problems in a solution-oriented manner; capable of making decisions in a timely manner with due consideration
 Motivation: Energetic and enthusiastic; work hard to meet or exceed all job responsibilities; able to stay on task without direct supervision
 Affability/Pleasantness: Courteous to customers and other staff; help to create a positive team atmosphere; act in a manner that make others feel comfortable and safe
 Self-Awareness: Able to actively receive feedback by listening and integrating feedback to enhance performance; open to suggestions for growth by being able to accept developmental feedback.
 Attendance and Punctuality: Prepared to begin work at scheduled time; work until shift is done; arrive to meetings on time; communicate schedule or availability changes as required by supervisor
 Communication Skills: Keep lines of communication open with customers, families, advocates, and administration; easily accessible to others
 Alignment with culture, values and mission of the JCC; works with others to achieve organizational goals

Minimum Qualifications:


Education: AA in Early Childhood Education is preferred

Minimum educational requirement is AA plus 12 Early Childhood Education Semester Hours including NCECC (North Carolina Early Childhood Credential)


Minimum of 1-year experience teaching in a preschool environment required.Current First Aid and CPR Certification.

Knowledge of North Carolina licensing laws and regulations, as well as ITERS/ECERS, and proven ability to maintain compliance with these in the classroom.

Good communication skills.

Agency Information:

Shalom Children's Center at the Asheville Jewish Community Center in Asheville, NC is seeking full-time early childhood classroom teachers for our infant/toddler program, 2's, 3's and pre-k. We are a Sheva Learning Community that respects the child as a competent and capable learner.