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Early Childhood Summer Positions
Gordon JCC
801 Percy Warner Blvd
Nashville, TN 37205

Principal Responsibilities:

The Gordon JCC ECLC is currently hiring for summer staff. Hours will vary depending on the needs of the room but availability must be between 7-6. You must be 18 years old and hold at least a high school diploma to apply. Staff are asked to have at least 1 year of Early Childhood experience or at least 2 years of Early Childhood courses. These positions are temporary, beginning approx. mid-May to July 26th. Potential staff must be able to meet all requirements as described in the DHS rules/regulations.

Minimum Qualifications:

Learning and following DHS/3 Star Rules and Regulations;

Understanding and following rules of confidentiality within and outside of the preschool program

Treat all children, families, and staff with dignity and respect.

Follow the guidelines stated in the GJCC Employee Manual, ECLC Teacher Manual, Family, Minimum Standards of the DHS and any other administrative directives.

Teachers must complete required hours of DHS recognized training.

Three hours must be in TN-ELDS within the past 3 years.

Training must cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to: health and safety, developmentally appropriate learning activities, assessment of young children, guidance techniques, child development, communication with families, staff relationships and teamwork, child abuse, working with diverse families, special needs, communication, professional ethics and growth.

Additional training may be required according to the needs of the individual, the assigned classroom and/or center.

Maintain current certification in Pediatric First Aid and CPR of infants and children and have training in the administration of medication.

Maintain strict supervision of children and an accurate count of the group at all times. Teachers of children under 3 must ensure that sight and sound supervision of infants and toddlers is maintained at all times and documentation of required checks during nap time is done and kept on file according to NAEYC accreditation criteria and GJCC guidelines.

Work as a supportive team member with the classroom teaching partner, teaching team, and school-wide teaching team as well as a partner with the families and adults involved in the care of each child.

Plan, supervise and implement the program for the class in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the school.

Gear the program to the needs of the individual child with concerns for his/her interests, special needs or talents.

Plan for and implement developmentally appropriate activities to promote children's social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive development and spiritual development. Activities include the following areas: art, dramatic play, environmental awareness, multi-cultural / anti-bias, language arts, math, motor skills / creative movement, music, nutrition / health, and outdoor play.

Prepare and post weekly lesson plans of daily planned activities and individual plans for specific children. Early learning standards must be included as part of the plan. Weekly lesson plans submitted to ECLC Director for review by Friday 10 am for following week.

Maintain appropriate assessment portfolios of each child in the group consisting of both formal and informal assessments of each child in the natural setting of the classrooms and playground on a monthly basis. Assessment portfolios will consist of, but is not limited to, anecdotal observations, work samples, dictations, rating scales and feedback from the family. Assessment portfolios will be sent to the child's new classroom teacher at the end of the school year. If the child is leaving the GJCC, the portfolio should be sent the early childhood office.

Schedule and conduct Family-Teacher Conferences in the fall and spring to share information about the child at school, review the assessment portfolio and solicit information from the family about the child at home and their goals for their child.

Use developmentally appropriate materials and equipment, which project diversity and avoid stereotyping of any group.

Arrange classroom environment to promote and implement the goals and philosophy of the school.

Make teaching materials to fit program needs.

Plan and implement methods of establishing a positive liaison with families of the children through informal, daily conversations with parents, weekly emails, and monthly newsletters.

Provide a central information board for families that includes a daily schedule, weekly lesson plans, copies of recent notes and handouts, and records of snacks served.

Assist with the effective transition of children from early arrival and/or late afternoon as needed, making sure to communicate pertinent information to the teachers of the children and the parents.

Agency Information:

The Gordon Jewish Community Center (GJCC) is at the center of Jewish life in Nashville, providing recreational, educational, social and cultural programs and services to over 1,700 member families. Located on a beautiful 52-acre campus in west Nashville, it is a place where non-Jews are welcome to join, play and learn side by side with their Jewish neighbors. Camp Davis, established in 1930s, provides a day camp experience for hundreds of school-age children each summer.