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Location and Job Title:

Environmental Services
New Orleans JCC
5342 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115

JCC Info:

This position is at the uptown JCC. We are looking for a person from 5am to noon. Monday through Friday.

Principal Responsibilities:


  1. Assist the manager on duty (MOD) open/close the facility
  2. Conduct yourself in a professional manner and represent the JCC in a positive light whether you are working your scheduled hours or just at the JCC on your own time.
  3. Make rounds throughout the locker rooms. Make sure clean towels are available and used towels are brought to the laundry room.
  4. Clean, fold, and distribute towels to the locker rooms and fitness floor.
  5. Become familiar with the members names as a tool to aid in customer service. If you cannot answer a question from a member, admit that and find a member of the SWAT (Sports, Wellness and Aquatics Team) to assist the member.
  6. Re-stack weights, straighten fitness equipment on both the fitness floor and in the circuit training room, and bring used towels from the spa and fitness floor to the laundry room.
  7. Complete the assigned cleaning duties during your shift.
  8. Periodically check the first aid kit in the laundry room to ensure that it is properly stocked. Please alert a member of the SWAT if more supplies need to be ordered.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Act and dress professionally. Report to on time for your scheduled shift and use the hand scanner to clock in, and ALWAYS wear your staff shirt and nametag. If you open the building, report to work at least fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled shift.
  2. Be responsible for finding replacements for any time needed off. If you need a substitution for your shift, you MUST let your supervisor know immediately. Please be sure to have an updated phone list and keep it with you. If you get sick, you must contact one of the members of the SWAT members immediately (talk to them, do not leave a voicemail).
  3. There should always be at least one person on the fitness floor. Coordinate your duties and breaks accordingly.
  4. If periodic staff meetings are necessary, they will be announced to you and it is MANDATORY that you attend. Any individuals who cannot make the meetings must have their absences approved by their supervisor and must schedule an appointment with them to go over what went on at the meeting.
  5. Document any problems, supplies needed, or situations that arise needing immediate attention to a member of the SWAT.