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Location and Job Title:

TAC Israel Trip Leader
NJY Camps - Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake, Teen and Mountaintop
570 Sawkill Rd
Milford, PA 18337

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise entire group of teen campers through airport and security to and from Israel
  2. Ensure health, fun and safety for all campers and staff on trip, as well as maintaining daily living skills.
  3. Distribute medication for those campers who take regular medication.
  4. Pay attention to any dietary restrictions /allergies for campers.
  5. Plan and execute activities - this also includes chaperoning groups of campers through planned programs and educational visits. (Itinerary will be planned by Israeli Trip Leader with KMF and NJY Camps)
  6. Encourage participation and education
  7. Take photos of campers through day-to-day and activities and upload on NJY website.
  8. Keep families updated about trip through social media (Facebook etc.)
  9. Keep in contact with families regarding any major changes about trip.
  10. Keep in contact with families regarding any health or behavior issues with campers.
  11. Keep in contact with NJY representative in the U.S. regarding all of the above.
  12. Co-ordinate any special visits with families/friends while in Israel, as approved by both parents and NJY representative in U.S .
  13. Follow camp objectives, rules, policies and guidelines as set by NJY Camps.
  14. Be a positive role model for both campers and staff.
  15. Problem-solve through situations and seek assistance when necessary.
  16. Have fun

Minimum Qualifications:

Prior Israel and/or camp supervisory experience preferred.
Experience in an informal education role with teenagers.
Strong communicator.

Agency Information:

The NJY Camps are a collection of Jewish not for profit sleep away camps for ages 6-16. NJY Teen Camp is our camp for high school aged campers, which also includes a program that goes to Israel. We are currently seeking an individual to lead our Israel trip for next summer (2018). This person would be the primary adult responsible for the group of teenagers on our trip, as well as assisting the Israeli Group Leader in implementing the day-to-day program and itinerary as set by our trip partner, the Koby Mandell Foundation.