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Location and Job Title:

Camp Wise Early Childhood Specialist (Summer Only)
Mandel JCC of Cleveland
26001 S Woodland Rd
Beachwood, OH 44122

Principal Responsibilities:

An Early Childhood Specialists' primary responsibility is the group of children in their care. An Early Childhood Specialist fulfills a Specialist role in camp, which means that they live in a cabin bunk with our camp-age campers, but spend their day caring for and supervising our children in camp who are not yet age eligible for our full camp program. They are responsible for facilitating the daily routine for their children; planning, leading, and participating in activities with them. They report to both their Village Supervisor and the Camp Director, as needed, and communicate and coordinate daily with the parents of the children they are caring for. They are responsible for the physical, social, and emotional health, safety, and well-being of the children in their care-from taking them to meals, overseeing nap time and bedtime, to planning enriching activities and coordinating with other camp staff to integrate their children into the camp program. A successful summer for an Early Childhood Specialist is always tied directly to the relationship they develop with their children and their parents as well as their bunk staff and campers. Our Babysitter must have patience, empathy, enthusiasm, and creativity as well as great listening and communication skills.

Minimum Qualifications:

Agency Information:

Camp Wise provides a friendly, supportive, and cooperative atmosphere that fosters individual growth at each camper's own pace. Campers are encouraged to learn new skills and master old ones, to make decisions, to take responsibility, to be expressive, to live with others, and to have fun. Complemented by our Jewish environment, campers develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jewish heritage and traditions while also developing a true sense of community. Camp Wise is committed to making sure that every camper leaves with a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence; and with memories that will last a lifetime.