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Village (Unit) Supervisor - 10th grade (SUMMER ONLY)
Mandel JCC of Cleveland
26001 S Woodland Rd
Beachwood, OH 44122

Principal Responsibilities:

The Village (Unit) Supervisor is primarily responsible for supervising and mentoring a group of staff as well as ensuring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, safety and well-being of all campers in their assigned unit. The Supervisor is fully involved in all aspects of the campers' day including village programming, group management, community experience, and scheduling for campers and staff. The Village Supervisor will work in tandem with the Assistant Director and broader summer leadership team at camp to ensure the positive resolution for any and all camper, staff, and parent issues that may arise. This position requires a person with a variety of skills and abilities to transition from one situation to another, quickly and intuitively, while also showing compassion and empathy for campers and staff. It is essential that the Supervisor is compassionate and patient, and should have extensive experience working with children as well as previous experience in a supervisory role.

Villages (Units): 10th grade


Serve as a positive role model in the camp community and represent camp values

Participate in required staff training prior to camp

Responsible for overseeing the timeliness of village, the placement of campers in chugs (electives) cabin and village-wide programming, and building a strong village culture through traditions, rituals, and special events

Supervise all village staff and responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of all campers in their village

Create strong relationships with campers, staff, and other Supervisors to ensure positive outcomes for any and all camper or staff issues that may arise by being present at chugs and activities

Serve as the lead in handling all camper care and staff issues, including but not limited to behavior management, interpersonal disputes, homesickness, hygiene, and safety based on daily check-ins and observation

Communicate and collaborate with camp social worker and infirmary manager to ensure campers' and staff success

Oversee evening program development and execution, collaborate with village programmers to create schedule, and support the staff to see the programs through from inception to completion

Facilitate and participate in staff meetings for the village and all camp, and create weekly programs and moments of appreciation to encourage high staff morale

Manage schedules for village staff (counselors and specialists) for night patrol, off periods, and days off

Provide staff with feedback and support, and conducting written and oral performance evaluations

Make parent phone calls and send emails as necessary with approval and support from the Assistant Director

Supervise, contribute to and lead all-camp activities, including but not limited to meals and Shabbat prep

Create a binder of all Village information and resources to turn into the Camp Director at end of the summer

Serve as a general member of the supervisory staff team

Perform other related duties as assigned by Camp Director and Assistant Director

Minimum Qualifications:

Agency Information:

Camp Wise provides a friendly, supportive, and cooperative atmosphere that fosters individual growth at each camper's own pace. Campers are encouraged to learn new skills and master old ones, to make decisions, to take responsibility, to be expressive, to live with others, and to have fun. Complemented by our Jewish environment, campers develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jewish heritage and traditions while also developing a true sense of community. Camp Wise is committed to making sure that every camper leaves with a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence; and with memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information about Camp Wise visit Interested candidates please contact Abby at or (216)-593-6293. To apply online go to