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Director of Camping Services
East Valley JCC
908 N. Alma School Road
Chandler, AZ 85224

JCC Info:

Through services and programs the East Valley JCC promotes and strengthens Jewish values and identity by meeting the needs of individuals and families of all races, religions, and cultures.

The East Valley JCC is located in sunny Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of 250,000 residents just south east of Phoenix.

Principal Responsibilities:

The East Valley JCC is located in Chandler Arizona just outside of Phoenix. Chandler is a very progressive city with reasonable cost of living. Chandler is the third largest city in AZ with lots of outdoor activities, new shopping areas, dining and a vibrant life.

Position Description:

The Youth & Camp Director is responsible for the day to day oversight of the Youth and Camp Departments. The Youth & Camp Director will be responsible for the successful organization, development and day to day operation of all of the above-mentioned departments. A primary function of this and every other job at the J is to ensure by whatever rational and legal means necessary that each member, guest and visitor leave the J feeling just a little better than when they arrived.

Camp is one of our major priorities at the JCC.Our goal is for Camp to be the best camp anywhere - a camp of excellence. Great camps are led by great directors. We are seeking an amazing professional who has vision, passion and the ability to take our camps (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) to its potential and beyond, who understands the importance of a strong reputation and works hard to create it. A strong director is a strong manager. We are seeking a professional who sees camp as a business and insures that customer service, communication and connection are foundations of the program. A strong camp has a strong staff team to make it happen. The camp director will recruit, hire, train and supervise a team of individuals to work together to achieve the vision and to provide campers the best experience each year.

Enrollment is a leading indicator of success. Under direction of the camp director, camper registration and camper weeks should increase each year until we reach capacity and then should strive to maintain this success.

Safety and supervision are of the utmost importance. The director will protect each camper and staff member as their own.

After safety, camp should be fun and exciting, with campers learning and gaining new skills without realizing it., and making new friends as they go The vision should include a camp program that makes camp a wow, where campers go home each day saying this was their best day and parents are thrilled that their kids are safe, happy, making new friends, and gaining valuable life skills. The program will offer campers the opportunity to choose what they want, from a selection of high quality sports, arts, STEM, and other activities. Music is an integral part of a great camp program and it will be woven into the fabric of camp.

As a JCC camp, imparting a sense of Judaism, community and belonging are key components of what we do. Our program should weave in Jewish values, games and activities throughout camp, including Israel.

The East Valley JCC, located outside of Phoenix, offers a great opportunity for you to build a JCC Day Camp second to none!

Minimum Qualifications:

Position Primary Responsibility:

Reporting directly to the CEO, is responsible for:


Salary: Competitive Salary + benefits

This position is a full-time exempt position and is covered by the Code of Personnel Practices