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Location and Job Title:

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
1125 College Ave.
Columbus, OH 43209

Principal Responsibilities:

It is the Mashgiah's responsibility to define, maintain, and guarentee Kashruth standards in the JCC main kitchen, ECS Kitchen, Snack Bar and ECS Preschools; educate staff and serve as a liaison between the JCC and the Vaad Ho-ir.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Knowledge and Education - Minimum Required or Preferred: High School Diploma; Vaad trained and certified
2. Experience - Minimum Required or Preferred: 2+ years Mashgiah experience; 2+ years experience in a professional kitchen
3. Special skills: Passion for Jewish customs, culture and food; thorough understanding of, appreciation of and respect for Kashrut; ability to work flexible schedule including days, evenings and weekends; ability to influence other; strong managerial skills.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Regular Duties:
o Supervise all food preparation; Mashgiach must be present for any meat food prep or when dairy & pareve prepared at the same time.
Includes authority to stop kitchen production to maintain Kashruth standards.
o Snack Bar and J Caf? Manager (see separate position description).
Includes oversight of staff, schedules, inventory, and all other Mashgiach duties.
o Maintain Kashruth standards in the JCC Main Kitchen, ECS Kitchen, Snack Bar, and J Cafe.
o Certify that all orders meet Kashruth standards and place in proper place in storage room.
o Turn on all heating devices including ovens, stove, fryers and hot boxes both in main and preschool kitchen.  Assign suitable alternative when unavailable.
o Observe cooking of lunch and make sure that all ingredients used meet Vaad standards. This includes certifying appropriate kosher symbols.
o Maintain Kashruth standards by cleaning and inspecting fruits/vegetables for insects commonly found on those fruits/vegetables (broccoli, romaine lettuce, etc.)
o Certify by sealing all meat and other food items such as cheese that no longer have (sealed) identifying marks so that they will be ready for future use.
Mashgiach responsible for unsealing it before prep begins. o Supervise staff packaging of all items delivered to other sites. All outgoing orders are complete when sealed neatly and aesthetically according to kosher law with Kosher and JCC labels and heating instructions included.
Seal and certify (and initial [in Hebrew]).
Ensure that the status of food delivered is clearly marked (meat/pareve/dairy/[fish]).
Double seal meat &/or fish sent off site & certify with Mashgiachs sticker;
Other food must be single sealed;
This includes the Mashgiachs responsibility to seal equipment for an event if the Vaad deem necessary.
o Oversight of kitchen utensils
Ensure that there is a separation of meat and dairy utensils' and mark appropriately.
Mashgiach responsible to seal cabinets or ovens if the Vaad deem necessary.
o Oversight of kitchen dishwasher.
Clean the dishwasher per Vaad standards between meat and dairy (and use different racks).
o Oversight of kosherizing equipment for Passover and when the status of the items have been compromised as well as koshering utensils or ovens that do not belong to either JCC or Vaad approved shul.  Supervise kitchen staff in the Passover kosherizing process of the JCC. (Kashering will be performed by, or in presence of, Mashgiach under guidelines set forth by the Vaad.)
Including other facilities when requested.
o Ascertain and guarantee that all wines bear a kosher certification acceptable to the Vaad, and labeled Mevushal prior to scheduled event.
Includes authority to refuse serving wine if deemed unacceptable.
o Oversight of JCC Catering signs (with Supervised by Buckeye Kosher) display at catered events.
o Supervise, advise and teach Kitchen Staff and JCC Staff the rules and history of Kashruth.
Includes C-Suite
o Responsible to maintain a non-endorsed (non-kosher) free JCC.
Remove all non-endorsed (non-kosher) product that comes to the facility from the facility as soon as possible.
The product may only remain in the facility until the next delivery from their distributor.
Responsible for Non Kosher Delivery/Return Log; record these products in a log.
o Oversight of JCC Food Services coolers. Dedicate one cooler for meat and the other for dairy. In the event that there is spill-over from one of them, only factory sealed items with dairy or meat written on them may be put in the other cooler. This is to make it clear to all that this item is in the wrong freezer due to spill-over.
o When necessary, help serve Snack in JCC preschool and Senior Lunch as needed.
o Liaison between the JCC and the Vaad Ho-ir with all Kashruth issues.
o All other kitchen/catering duties as assigned.
Special Events:
o Provide Vaad supervision for all JCC programs and events.

Agency Information:

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus is a human service agency offering a varied program that is Jewish in nature. It is committed to enhancing the quality of individual and family life through the promotion of physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. It provides educational and cultural programs that reflect the Jewish heritage, health related activities and many services to the community at large. Through its wide array of programs, the JCC pursues its mission of strengthening the individual, family and community.