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Location and Job Title:

Levite JCC
3960 Montclair Rd
Birmingham, AL 35213

Principal Responsibilities:

General Position Summary:
The LJCC lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of our members and guests when they are in or around the indoor or outdoor pools and to respond to emergency situations. He/she must demonstrate professional behavior at all times, being attentive and alert while guarding and patrolling the pool deck. If you are looking for a way to create exciting experiences and heart-warming memories that last a lifetime, and be able to spend your time with new faces, the LJCC is the place for you!

Essential Functions:
 He/she is expected to arrive on time and ready to work his/her respective shift. The lifeguard is responsible for finding an appropriate substitute for his/her shift when not able to work the regular hours scheduled.
 All lifeguards are required to wear the full and proper uniform to work. This includes the current LJCC lifeguard suit, shorts and lifeguard shirt.
 He/she must position him/herself in the appropriate chair or standing position for optimal viewing and scanning procedures.
 Guards should never guard from lawn or lounge chairs.
 Responsible for preventing emergencies whenever possible. This means being alert and attentive while guarding on deck and require the lifeguard to assess potentially dangerous situations before they become dangerous or elevated. This may include items such as keeping the deck free and clear of all dirt and clutter, addressing aggressive, inappropriate, or rough housing types of behavior, assessing the skill level of swimmers and determining if they are in appropriate area of the pool per their skills.
 Responsible for responding to emergency situations quickly and professionally; utilizing all the proper lifeguard and rescue procedures to ensure the optimal outcome. In any given situation, he/she may be called upon to take lead a rescue effort, or may be required to assist another guard member, or staff person. He/she must assess each situation and determine with the team what his/her role is to be for that situation.
 He/she must be versed in the LJCC Emergency Action Plan at any/all times; knowing what to do in the event an emergency occurs.
 The lifeguard consistently, promptly, and fairly enforces the facility policies, rules and regulations.
 He/she also assists other guards or staff if they need additional support when enforcing rules.
 Maintain a professional and positive rapport with members and guests.
 He/she communicates with members in a polite and confident manner, and explains policies and practices in a way that enables members to better understand a situation or rational for a policy.
 He/she is required to assist their supervisor in the completion of chemical records and accident/incident reports; and may be required to perform these tasks independently.
 Responsible for performing all opening and closing procedures completely and thoroughly, as assigned by the Head Guard or Supervisor; following the Opening and Closing Procedure checklist.
Additional duties may include cleaning the deck, filters, or arranging equipment or supplies throughout the day.
 Inform the Aquatics Director or Human Resources of situations that need immediate attention, including injury or accident reports, emergencies, rescues or saves, pool closings due to chemical, fecal or other reasons, and all behavioral situations requiring follow up with members, staff, parents, or law enforcement personnel.
 Lifeguards are required to maintain current certifications throughout his/her employment.
 Attend meetings and in-services according to the lifeguard manual. In addition, you are required to attend any additional in-service or other training deemed required by the Aquatics Director, Property Manager or Executive Director of the LJCC.
 Responsible for accurately signing in and out for lifeguard and/or group/private swim lessons.
 He/she is responsible to the Aquatic Director, Head Guard and Property Manager, and must respond professionally and immediately to direction given by any of these individuals. He/she should assist in every way to help the entire Aquatics Department develop a "culture of safety", which characterized by the following:
o Participating in regular training, audits and testing with a positive and professional attitude.
o Accepting feedback from Management; listening to their observations and responding immediately to their recommendations.
o Understanding the more we test ourselves, the safer we become as a team.
o Awareness and openness to ideas and procedures that are being implemented at other facilities throughout the country; helping the JCC to develop and train its staff to be among the best in the city and country.
 Perform additional duties as agreed upon by supervisor and in accordance with the program needs.

 Embrace all Core Values and all inherent missions, goals, directives and tasks of the LJCC.

Minimum Qualifications:

Position Requirements:
 15 years or older
 Current certifications in American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer that has been obtained within the last year.
 Ability to work on one's own, work independently and as part of a team.
 Thorough knowledge and application of lifeguarding surveillance and rescue techniques.
 Must abide to a background check along with DHR fingerprinting process
 Ability to speak fluent English, understand it as well as read and write
 Follow all CDC guidelines and ensure members and guest safety


Under 25,000

Agency Information:

LJCC Identity Statement
Through the lens of Jewish identity and values, the Levite Jewish Community Center provides a welcoming, family-oriented gathering place for a diverse membership to engage in a meaningful experience of the mind, body and soul.
LJCC Vision Statement
The Levite Jewish Community Center will be recognized as a model for member-centered, high quality Jewish programming, education and recreation. We will be known for superior facilities and visionary leadership through financial sustainability and community outreach.
LJCC Core Values
We cultivate memorable life experiences and meaningful relationships We pursue collaboration within the Jewish and broader communities We empower individuals to learn and understand Jewish values We provide a welcoming and open environment We embrace and celebrate diversity We encourage wellness of the mind, body and soul We connect our community to the people of the State of Israel