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Location and Job Title:

Group Leader
Commonpoint Queens - Samuel Field Y
58-20 Little Neck Parkway
Little Neck, NY 11362

Principal Responsibilities:

General Responsibilities: Responsible for the daily supervision and safety of a group of children who have developmental disabilities. Supervise the counselors that are assigned to the group. Work closely with the specialists in planning appropriate activities for the level of functioning in the group. The Group Leader is the direct link, communicant and helping person for the group, staff, and particularly the children.

Specific Duties:

  • ADMINISTRATIVE: The Group Leader is responsible for being present on time for each program that they are in charge of. He or she must help assemble the group for bus arrival and departures. He/she records attendance of group members - staff and children. The Group Leader must check daily on the state of the children's appearance and health. These checks should be done when children arrive and before leaving, or at the end of program. Any noticeable or unusual changes should be reported to the Program Director immediately. If for any reason the Group Leader cannot be in attendance, that person must notify the Program Director immediately. The Group Leader is not to wait until the last minute to acknowledge their absence.
  • PROGRAM: The Group Leader is directly responsible for the program of the group the time they arrive until they end of the day; as to contend, quality and appropriateness. Cleanup and maintenance areas should also be considered as part of good programming, and as such, is part of the staff's "program responsibility" with the group. All staff are expected to be present at every activity. Activities should reflect through and sensitivity to the children's need. Activities should be appropriate to the maturity level and skill level. Monthly group planning meetings are to be held to discuss and develop program activities for the following month. Overall program goals, group goals and individual goals and objectives should follow the individualized plan set forth.
  • SUPERVISION: The Group Leader is directly accountable to the Program Director. The Group Leader will meet with the Program Director on a weekly basis. The Group Leader's performance will be evaluated regularly and a written evaluation will be developed at the end of the program season. The evaluation will be kept in the personnel folder at the agency. The Group Leaders will also meet regularly with their staff. There should be planning sessions often.
  • SUPPLIES: The Group Leader is responsible for securing the supplies and equipment for the group. The Group Leader is responsible for the appropriate use of all of the supplies and equipment. The Group Leader must submit requests for supplies well in advance of actual program in order to fulfill the group's program needs. The Group Leader helps the staff choose, use and care for the equipment materials. Materials borrowed are to be returned
  • GENERAL DECORUM: The Group Leader in his/her dress and behavior should set a healthy example for the children in their group. The Group Leader's behavior and general decorum should be in good taste and be representative of the agency, its values, and mission. As a leader, he/she should be aware of, and wisely exercise this influence upon staff and children. It is important that the Group leader sees and understands the responsibility assumed for the care, safety, and well-being of children and staff.
  • RECORD KEEPING AND RECORDING: The Group Leader will be responsible for several types of records over the season pertaining to the group, and special records that might be requested by the Program Director regarding accident reports, critical incidents, or emergency situations and supervision. The Group Leader is responsible for Individual Treatment Plans and Lesson Plans.
  • COMMUNICATION AND HELPING: The Group Leader's role is an essential one in enhancing the communication and supervisory helping process. He/she is that vital, on-the-spot and day-to-day helping person to staff and children, and link to the supervisors and other group staff. The leader's chief functions are as follows:
    • Anticipating: to support staff and help children with their needs, as well as being able to help seek alternatives to difficult situations.
    • Enhancing accountability and responsibility for health and safety of children and staff.
    • Facilitating communications and the varied helping relationships among staff and children.
    • Help in fostering openness and feedback in relationships and practice.
    • Seeking and getting help for his/her staff and children when needed; encouraging staff to ask for help when needed.
    • Encouraging the consistent application of the program and agency rules, procedures and techniques for working with staff, children and families.
    • Seeing that the flow of information to staff and children takes place consistently; also seeing that an equal flow takes place from staff and children to supervisory staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must have experience in camping, recreation activities, supervising children, or have completed a training course acceptable to the agency's needs. Must have the ability to conduct organized games, teach and supervise staff and participants, and to schedule activities. Must have the energy, motivation and skills needed to work with children in an after school setting. Must have willingness to accept guidance and supervision, and sense of patience and self-control.


Under 25,000

Agency Information:

Commonpoint Queens is a non-profit, multi service agency with a flagship site in Forest Hills and 33 additional sites throughout the community that provides a diverse array of programs and services to over 35,000. Our mission is to sustain and enhance the quality of family and individual life for all members of our community, regardless of religion, ethnic or cultural background, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual preference, age, or disability, within a pervasive and inclusive environment that facilitates individual growth, meets individual needs and builds community. We accomplish this mission through a broad range of social, educational, and recreational services that reach community members of all ages and backgrounds.