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Location and Job Title:

Child care provider
Jewish for Good at the Levin JCC
1937 W. Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27705

Principal Responsibilities:

The Child Care and Kids' Club Care Provider is a part-time hourly position working in the childcare
drop off program at the Health and Wellness Center and is responsible for supervision of children
This is a Front-Line Staff position meaning the role provides direct services to members, users, and
The role is a part-time (hourly) position that reports to Child Care Manager.

Creates a safe, friendly environment in the child care area (ages 3 months to 4 years) and/or
Kids' Club area (ages 4-9 years) with quality supervision, focused attention, and caring service
for the members and their children.
Ensures registration and check in/checkout procedures are followed.
Engages with children with age-appropriate activities such as reading stories, coloring, playing
with games or toys; promotes harmony among children, responds to children's' needs.
Supervises use of toys and supplies and notifies supervisor of supply needs, repairs, or
replacements, sanitizing toys as instructed.
Informs parents of issues relating to their child (i.e. illness, crying, and conflict).
Notifies parent of diaper change needs immediately. Promotes the health of all children by asking
parents to keep children home when ill.
Exhibits good listening skills when conflict or discipline issues arise and problem solves
professionally. Defers to supervisor if issues need further resolution.
Reports any accidents or injuries immediately, and documents using incident report forms
Child Care and Kids' Club Care Provider
Job Description
Assumes other duties and projects as needed and assigned - may be asked to help with
administrative tasks or other projects during times when there are no children

Minimum Qualifications:

Over 18 years of age

Experience working with young children

CPR/First Aide certification (we can certify if you meet position requirements)



Agency Information: