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Location and Job Title:

Local Student Intern
Kaiserman JCC
45 Haverford Rd
Wynnewood, PA 19096

Principal Responsibilities:

Position Mission: A Local Student Intern will be selected for a education role that will: 1. Serve as local support for a Diller cohort throughout the year and 2. Continue to grow as an agent of change and as an active member of the Diller Teen Fellows Network. Professional Vision: The Local Student Intern will assist and supplement the local program Coordinator by actively participating in the annual educational process/training and empowerment processes of the local staff and group (with emphasis on chaperoning local seminars and abroad) and through logistical support, all through the interns unique advantages of being a role model, professionalism, availability and accessibility. Extent of Position: The Local Student Intern grant is $1,500 USD and will include about 350 volunteer hours. The grant is a stipend for volunteering and community contribution. It is not a salary.? 20 volunteer hours devoted to staff meetings throughout the year as needed ? 330 hours will be distributed over the course of the year in this recommended division: ? First local workshop (5 hours) ? Jewish Identity Shabbaton (36 hours) ? Leadership Shabbaton (36 hours) ? Jewish Communities Mifgash (about 20 hours) ? Israel Summer Seminar (3-weeks, depending on local Community needs). This breakdown comes from a "traditional" Diller year. These hours are subject to change due to the realities of COVID in your local Diller community. The Coordinator with whom you apply will communicate the specifics of these potential changes. Any additional investment of time by the Local Student Intern will be a gesture of goodwill and will be decided upon by him/her and the local Coordinator. Additional volunteer hours will not change the amount of the grant!

Minimum Qualifications:

Central Tasks of the Position: ? Involvement in the educational process locally and assist the Coordinator in implementing technical/logistical aspects of the local program as needed. ? Be a role model (to the Junior Staff & Fellows) as a leader, as a person, and as an agent of change. ? Encourage social responsibility (through modeling and conversation) ? Create close interpersonal relationship with the staff and the group through sharing of personal experience Skills & Qualifications: ? Must be a junior, senior or have recently graduated from university. In exceptional cases, applicants who are sophomores or have taken alternative educational routes will be considered ? Assertiveness & self-confidence ? Excellent ability to form personal connections ? Self-awareness and a role model ? Desire to continue in personal growth & development ? Desire for deepening connections between Jewish communities worldwide as well as cultivating a genuine connection with the concept of Jewish Peoplehood. ? Ability to work as part of a team, with readiness for contributing and benefiting mutually. ? Ability to perform and to carry out tasks without needing the Coordinator's close supervision. ? Organized and attention to detail ? Ability to adapt to various leadership styles and program changes ? Excellent communication and self-advocacy skills. Important Dates: ? First Local Workshop (September 10th 11:00pm to 3:00pm) ? Jewish Identity Shabbaton (November 3 - 5th) ? Leadership Shabbaton (February 23 - 25) ? Jewish Communities Mifgash (April 9 - April 18, 2024) ? Israel Summer Seminar (July 1-22, 2024 - based on local needs) * Dates ary according to the needs of the local community. Contact the local coordinator for more details. Additional Recommended/Optional Dates: ? Local Family Orientation for JCM (March 3rd) ? Local Family Orientation for ISS (June 23rd). * Dates vary according to the needs of the local community. Contact the local coordinator for more details.



Agency Information:

The Kaiserman JCC is located in Wynnewood, PA, in the heart of the Main Line. We are a vibrant Jewish Community, just a few miles from Center City Philadelphia. We are home to the award-winning Camp Kef summer day camp and one of the most respected preschool & kindergarten programs in the region.

The mission of the Kaiserman JCC is to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment where Jewish values inspire excellent social, recreational, educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities that embrace our identity and connection to Israel. The JCC is committed to serving our entire community and does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Since 1971, the Kaiserman JCC has worked to build a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive Jewish community and enhancing and deepening the commitment to Jewish philanthropy. We have also worked with people and partners across the region to nurture Jewish life and learning, help those in need and build connections with Israel and Jews around the world.