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Youth Counselor
Commonpoint Queens - Samuel Field Y
58-20 Little Neck Parkway
Little Neck, NY 11362

Principal Responsibilities:

General Responsibilities: Responsible to the Group Leader. Responsible for the daily supervision and safety of a group of children. Responsible to assist the Group Leader in planning goals and activities for all of the children.

Specific Duties: Under supervision from the Group Leader, the counselors are directly responsible for the children assigned to the group from the time they arrive, to the end of the day. Activities are to be planned and developed in accordance with the child's specific needs. Appropriate use of supplies and equipment is expected. Counselors are expected to be present at every activity. Cleanup and maintenance of areas used is to be considered part of good programming. It is part of the staff's responsibility to see that the rooms or areas used are cleaned and left in proper condition. Counselor attendance is required at group planning meetings to discuss children's progress and develop relevant planning strategies. Counselors are expected to arrive at work promptly and attend every day. The counselor should set a healthy example for children. Their dress, behavior and general decorum should be in good taste and be representative of the agency, its values, and mission. It is important that the counselor sees and understands the responsibility they have assumed, for the care, safety, and welfare of the children and the staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age, however under special circumstances we will hire someone who is at least 16 years of age. This is usually the case when the person is part of a training program. Must have the energy and motivation needed to work with children in an after school setting. Must have willingness to accept guidance and supervision, and a sense of patience and self-control. Experience with children or in recreational activities is encouraged.


Under 25,000

Agency Information:

Commonpoint Queens is a non-profit, multi service agency with a flagship site in Forest Hills and 33 additional sites throughout the community that provides a diverse array of programs and services to over 35,000. Our mission is to sustain and enhance the quality of family and individual life for all members of our community, regardless of religion, ethnic or cultural background, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual preference, age, or disability, within a pervasive and inclusive environment that facilitates individual growth, meets individual needs and builds community. We accomplish this mission through a broad range of social, educational, and recreational services that reach community members of all ages and backgrounds.