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Executive Director of the Shaw JCC and Vice President of the Jewish Community Board of Akron
Shaw Jewish Community Center of Akron
750 White Pond Dr
Akron, OH 44320

Principal Responsibilities:

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and resume to

The Executive Director of the Shaw JCC will be an inspiring leader who possesses excellent strategic, communication, and leadership skills, a strong intellect, and is a passionate advocate of the JCC and its missions a key component of Jewish Akron. This individual, who will report to the CEO of the Jewish Community Board of Akron, will partner with the Board of Trustees of the Shaw JCC and its staff to cultivate strong ties between the JCC and its members, donors, and key stakeholders. The Executive Director provides leadership to all aspects of JCC operations and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the JCC, keeping it strong and positioning it for the future. This individual will support and enable staff and volunteers to carry out programs reflecting the vision, policies, and goals established by the JCC Board of Trustees. Critical to the success of the Shaw JCC and the Executive Director are the following:

Executive Competencies

1. Ability to manage all operations of the JCC to deliver effective, high-quality services to its members.
2. Understanding of the operations of the JCC, particularly its core businesses, on a strategical and tactical level.
3. Knowledgeable in the areas of marketing and branding.
4. Decisive in action and decision-making.
5. Knowledgeable about non-profit management.

Team Leadership

1. Attracts and retains high quality staff members.
2. Delegates responsibilities to staff and monitors and evaluates staff performance, providing positive and constructive feedback.
3. Supports and motivates staff to create a dynamic and high performing team.
4. Mentors and fosters the growth of junior, less experienced staff.
5. Challenges and coaches the staff to be the best they can be at their jobs.

Program and Service Development

1. Gives broad direction to the JCCs program strategy and vision and works actively with staff and appropriate committees in program development, oversight, and evaluation.
2. Develops a culture of innovation to create new programs and services that meet the needs of the current and next generation of JCC members as well as the greater community.
3. Works collaboratively with the Chief Program Officer to develop Jewish programming.

Planning and Strategy

1. Manages current issues while planning for and facilitating long term strategies for the JCC.
2. Understands the effect of the changing demographics of Jewish Akron on the JCC, its programs, financial well-being, and future operations.
3. Develops strategic and collaborative alliances with the synagogues and the other Jewish communal agencies.
4. Identifies key strategic opportunities for future growth and pursues them.
5. Plans for future financial sustainability, including developing new sources of revenue.

Financial Competence

1. Establishes, maintains, and adheres to a realistic budget.
2. Uses timely financial statements to guide and oversee agency performance.
3. Collaborates with the JCBA to develop a plan for the funding of long-term capital needs, building improvements, repairs, and capital equipment.

Community Leadership

1. Represents the JCC and Jewish Akron throughout the general community.
2. Cultivates relationships and alliances with community organizations and non-profits to enhance the JCC presence.
3. Understands and values the partnership with campus professional and lay leadership.
4. Works effectively with a non-profit board.
5. Works to develop a sense of community among JCC members, staff, and leadership.

Other Competencies and Qualities

1. Knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture, traditions, and values and a commitment to the enhancement of Jewish life.
2. A commitment to the mission, vision, and branding of the JCC and Jewish Akron.
3. Outgoing, people-oriented, and enthusiastic about establishing a Jewish and general community presence.
4. Committed, organized, and able to set clear vision and priorities.
5. Demonstrated ability to utilize and embrace latest strategies in communication, customer service, marketing, promotion, etc., such as social media and other targeted communication techniques.
6. Must possess the highest standards of ethical and professional practices.

Minimum Qualifications:


Interested candidates should send their cover letter and resume to

Agency Information:

About Jewish Akron

The Jewish Community Board of Akron (JCBA), located on the Albert L. and Janet A. Schultz Campus for Jewish Life, is dedicated to education, philanthropy, and human services for Jewish Akron and beyond. Its core activities include fundraising, financial oversight, and centralized services, such as campus security, financial resource development, risk management, accounting, marketing, and community relations.